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6 Tips to Improve Your Resume

First Impressions are Everything So you find yourself out of work and decide that it is time to put your resume together. With a sense of urgency, you search in Google and utilize the first template that you find, inputting your employment history at the speed of... read more

What the Stress?

Stress, it’s that one little word that we all detest. When I hear someone mention stress it gives me a little shudder. Other times, I’ll overhear someone discussing their stresses and I’ll think, wow that is their stress? If only I could switch my stress for theirs. I... read more

5 Tips to Help Grads Land a Job

Recently I was asked to work on a campaign to attract graduates to SRG. I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. But in working on that project it took me back to when I was a recent grad and all the thoughts that I had going through my head… “Woo hoo! I... read more
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