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Life Lessons from my 7 year old

They say when a child is born, so is a mother. I couldn’t agree more. I am blessed to have two wonderful young boys in my life and with all the trials and tribulations that sometimes come with the territory of being called ‘mom’; I must say that along this journey, my...

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Puppy Power – my experience bringing a pet to work

Earlier this month I had the immense pleasure of participating in a Wellness Initiative at SRG. Why so pleasurable you ask? Because I got to bring a puppy into the workplace! I’m part of our Wellness Committee and throughout the year we do special activities and hold...

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Looking for work? Hire an agent, not an agency

Have you ever felt that you were used by a temp agency? You apply for a job, they call you and barely talk to you for five minutes and you are already being told where to go to work tomorrow. This seems great, or does it? Is there a little voice in your head flashing...

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