SRG helps people find job opportunities where they can grow. We give them the skills and knowledge they need to be great and match them with top companies looking to build productive workforces.

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Getting hired

Advice from our SRG Recruiters on how to get hired Whether you are looking for short term employment or want to achieve that permanent position, you must first Get Hired! SRG evaluates applicants and matches their skills to our clients’ criteria. We know from our...

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Just Breathe

As the newest member of the SRG executive team, my initiation was to write a blog. My initial reaction was likely typical… a BLOG… ME? My second reaction was to JUST BREATHE… that is my stand by… whenever something feels uncomfortable… I just take a quiet moment and...

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A changing workforce – are you prepared?

The days of working Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 are fading away. A new generation is seeking flexible hours and a career that works with their home life. Is your company prepared? It is often ‘Millennials’ who are labelled for this trend but it’s certainly not the only...

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