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Channeling Your Inner Superhero for a Productive Year

I always find it interesting when the clock turns to midnight on December 31; how it can trigger a feeling of inspiration, excitement and a renewed sense of HOPE. I know personally, no matter how challenging my life situation, my load somehow feels lighter on January...

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Filling Your Happiness Quota

The best measurement of our quality of life is not our pay level, job or organization we work for, or even family dynamics. No matter what your age, role or lifestyle, the quality of our life is always determined by our happiness. What makes us happy, or even the...

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Communication Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Most of us love sharing information, especially on a subject that we are passionate about. We tend to provide a comprehensive collection of what we know. We deliver a brain dump that overwhelms and confuses people. To be a good communicator, there are three mistakes...

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